Stainless Steel Foot Files Callus Remover Rasp use for men and women.

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This is the best pedicure foot care tool for the removal of Dead Hard Skin Scraper Foot and gives clear Hard Cracked Dry Skin Cracked Feet, Make Foot Beautiful, and Extra Smooth.

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Foot Files Callus Remover Lightweight and Portable Rasp use for men and women.

Foot Files Callus Remover JIMY foot files have Friction surfaces made of stainless steel to ensure the highest quality. Foot rasp file callus remover is a long bar having less weight that helps to remove dead skin and callus in a few minutes by saving our precious time. It smoothens, softens feet, and makes them look beautiful.

This pedicure rasp has better value than a regular electric foot file or file, will last much longer, and has no risk of injury for young, old or sensitive skin. Make your feet healthy with no cracks or aches.

Structural Design:

It is made up of the best quality stainless steel with knob-like depressions on its major surfaces. On the top, its edges are curved to use it from any direction.

Washable and Durable: 

JIMY stainless steel foot file rough surface can be used for both wet as well as dry cracked feet.

Availability of secure and safe handle:

The foot scrubber handle is made up of flexible plastic coated with non-slippery materials. This structure enhances its safe handling.


Stainless steel handles are 7” inches and their grinding area is 2.5“inch and their weight is 32 grams which are also in an ounce is 1.14oz.

Special Care for Foot:

foot file can be used on wet feet or any wet condition to remove dead skin, calluses, and hardened skin, which will make your feet become baby-soft, smooth, and beautiful again

Use in Saloon and Home:

Both types of gender i.e. male and female use it easily in Saloons and in-home. It can be used on dry as well as wet feet but it is preferable to use it after soaking feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes.

JIMY foot file has a modern unique beautiful and high-quality appearance. JIMY Will Provide Top-Rated Customer Service and Money-Back Guarantee. It Became A Perfect Gift For Your Son, Father, Husband, And Friends On your Birthday.