Premium Cuticle Toe Nail Scissors-Mani & Pedicure-Beauty Grooming 

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Premium quality stainless steel jimy professional cuticle toenail scissor for grooming of manicure and pedicure finger and foot nails.


Cuticle Nail Scissors – Multi-Purpose & Use for Cuticle Pedicure 


Cuticle Nail Scissors are of exceptional quality and made from the best materials. they are made from the finest quality Japanese Stainless Steel which has been carefully selected for its non-rusting properties. the fact that they are non-rusting means that they can be stored in the bathroom and still retain their finish and quality. These Manicure Toenail Scissors offer exceptional quality and precision cutting and trimming of the toenails. They have heat-treated blades which adds strength to the scissor. they are extra strong and are designed to cut those tough hard toenails which are difficult to trim with normal scissors.


The scissors are perfect for men who normally have slightly thicker nails. The longer handles are perfect to reach the toes that are further away. They are comfortable to use and leave perfectly trimmed toenails. Make sure you keep your feet looking and feeling healthy by keeping your nails in tip-top condition by trimming them regularly. Neatly trimmed toenails are a must for the summer months when feet are on show more. Add these toenail scissors to your pedicure kit to keep toes and feet healthy all year round. Never use fingernails as these scissors are specifically designed for toenails.


Cuticle Toe Nail Scissors This Scissor Is 4“Inch Mirror Shine Stainless Steel With a Weight Of 30 Grams And Ounce Weight Is 1.29, This Scissor Is Use To Trim Excess, Dead Skin Small Hair. When Trimming Cuticles Or Cutting Hangnails, Never Cut Live Skin.


JIMY Will Give 100% Free Replacement Or Full Money Back Refund If Customer Is Not Satisfied With The Purchase. It Became A Perfect Gift For Your Son, Father, Husband, And Friends On your Birthday.


4″inch Cuticle scissors for cutting nails and dry skin–Beauty scissors for grooming eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, even eyelid stickers.

Our scissors are designed to trim, straighten and neaten nails and cuticles with exceptional quality & precision.

Toenail scissor made from stainless steel, curved, extra sharp, extra-fine, specially hardened, length 4inch.