Nails Cutter Fake False Nail Edge Art TIP Slicer Trimmer Clipper Pink

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Acrylic Nail Clipper Fake False Nails Tip Cutter Nail Trimmer for Artificial Nail Manicure Pedicure.

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Professional Acrylic Nail Clipper Fake False Nails Tip Cutter Nail Trimmer for Artificial Nail Manicure Pedicure Sharp Rustproof Nail

Say goodbye to using nail clippers for nail tips. Instead, use our new Triple Nail Tip Cutter, perfect for any nail enhancement!

Easy-to-use ergonomic handle and unique angled blade!

Makes round, straight and well cuts while leaving smooth edges.

Features a special trapper to catch those flyaway tips.

Innovative tool at a great price!



The Original Edge Cutter” that cuts acrylics, cut tips, and cuts time! This premium-grade acrylic nail cutter makes round, straight, and well-cut tips and acrylic nails to reduce filing time while preventing them from damage. Easy to use and easy to clean too! Trusted by nail pros for ultimate client satisfaction. Perfect for beginners and home user-alike. Shape your nails any way you want with jimy Professional USA Pink Original Edge Cutter.DURABLE


Ergonomically designed with lightweight and a comfortable grip of the handle for easier control of the tips for smoother nail edge clipping. No need for replacements any time soon! It’s sturdy with an original patented design, so you can be assured that it’s last a long time. Also, it can be cleaned and disinfected without the fear of rusting for lifetime use.


JIMY Original Edge Cutter works great on acrylic nails, gel nails, artificial nails, plastic nails, false nails even to your natural nails. Your go-to nail care tool for an efficient way to cut tips and acrylic nails, with no cracking or shattering.