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Natural Hair Dye Colors – Ammonia Peroxide Free Use for Men & Women


100% Pure Natural Henna, No Metallic Salts, No Hydrogen Peroxide, No Allergic Chemicals

( Natural Hair Dye Colors ) Henna Hair Color is 100 percent natural, pure and organic, and free from any artificial doping. It is the best choice for those who want a natural look. Anyone can easily find his/her favorite natural color in henna.

Henna protects the cuticle of the hair, enhances its rich color, and maintains its natural look. In comparison with other synthetic chemicals, henna does not penetrate into the inner layer of hairs called the cortex, where proteins and moisture are present. Henna Hair Color is the best choice for those who want to enhance their natural beauty as it provides blended of shades of brown, black, and red. Henna Hair Color gives shiny appearance by hydrating hairs with the help of cocoa butter. It is suitable for every type and structure of hair.

Henna does not contain metallic salts, or allergic and carcinogenic chemicals. In most cases, dyes containing these materials; react with the skin causing reddishness over the entire face, and as result pus is created by continuous rubbing of the skin. Henna Hair Color is suitable for every type of hair skin as it is made up of 100 percent pure natural ingredients.


Natural BlackGives warm black color with a shiny appearance.Used on grey and white hairs.
Coffee BlackGives blackish look to hairs by enhancing hair growth.Used on grey and light black hairs.
Charcoal BlackProvides deep black as well as dense hairsUsed on grey and light black hairs.
Natural BrownGives a chocolate brown color with a shiny appearance.Used on grey and white hairs.
Light BrownGives medium bronze color with a shiny appearance.Used on grey and white hairs.
BurgundyGives a reddish-brown color as well as makes them strong and shiny.Used on grey and light brown hairs.
Midnight BlueGives a bluish shade with a shiny appearance.Used on grey and black hairs.


  • Make hairs shiny, strong, and healthy
  • Easily washable from hairs
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Decreases hair fall
  • Strengthen hair roots
  • Deep Conditioning
  • Enhances hair growth


  • Make a mixture by adding brewed black tea or coffee which gives a dark brownish-black (Jet black) appearance.
  • Add some drops of Beetroot juice in the mixture, which gives deep red color shad.
  • As Henna applies on whole hairs so, always wear old clothes, as the dye leaves its color quickly within no time. This precaution will prevent from getting any unwanted spots on your dress.
  • Add an egg or 2 to 3 drops of olive oil or yogurt in the prepared mixture to get extra conditioning for your hair.
  • Add some drops of lemon in the mixture to provide a more shiny look. But, before using it, make sure that your skin is comfortable with its use.


(Natural Hair Dye Colors ) Henna Hair Color dye will give you long last colors i.e. its color shades don’t fade up with the passage of time or with constant washing. So, in order to avoid any unwanted color, we are providing a sample test before its use.

Detach hairs from any hair brush and collect them in a spot. Now, put these hairs in a paste having a small amount of hair color’s our company hair dyes are made up of 100 percent natural ingredients i.e. they don’t contain any chemicals, so, they don’t make hair color light. If your hair color is black and you put them in the light brown dye, then your hair color will not change. Now, put some tints on your hair. For example, if your hair color is dark brown and you put red dye in it, then it will give you reddish-brown look. When you get your wanted color, apply it on your hair roots. The amount of dye, you use, will depend upon the structure of hair, your color choice, and the color of the hair that you have already got.


As already mentioned that the proportion of dye depends extensively on your natural color as your desired dye color develops a unique combination of shades with your natural hair color. This will also develop a variation of colors between grey color and natural hair color. Choice of hair color is followed by your natural hair color.


Before using Henna dyes on your hair, it is always advisable to go for a strand test. First, select a section of 1 to 2 inches and apply the color of your choice on it. After a few seconds, see what color it leaves on that assumed section.


Henna Hair Color is providing you with natural organic henna free from any impurities. We have launched this product to keep in mind our customer’s necessary needs and personalities by keeping them away from using harmful substances to acquire a gorgeous look. Our main goal is to provide our customers with 100 percent satisfaction to enhance our customer’s trust. We are determined to provide customers 24 hours service for their facilitation.

Henna Hair Color will provide you 100 percent full replacement and money-back refund if the customer finds any fault in our product. This refund policy is only applicable within 14 days from the purchase of the product. We will facilitate our customers only if the purchased good is not resealed.


We will accept payment only through PAYPAL or DEBIT CARD. If due for any reason, a customer is not satisfied with our product or service, please contact us on the number given on our website. THANK YOU

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