6 Pairs Scissor 5.5″ Medical Paramedic First Aid Universal Shear Tools

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Premium  420 German Stainless Steel with Superior Craftsmanship.

  • Non Slip Grip Premium Quality Handle. Polish to high Standard Finish.


6 Pairs Paramedic Emt Trauma Shears Scissors First Aid 5.5″

Black Scissor 5.5″ Medical Paramedic First Aid Universal Shear Tools

Black Scissor 5.5″ Medical Paramedic First Aid Nurse Bandage JIMY Emergency Shear Premium Quality Universal Scissors.

  • Manufactured for Optimal results and Precision.
  • Black Utility Scissors 5.5”, Working End Length 4cm, Net Weight is 0.95 oz. Angle 160 Degree.
  • The shears were designed exclusively for external use and are not suitable for surgical or invasive procedures.
  • Their rugged construction enables them to cut through strong materials such as car seat belts, leather, and denim, and even thin metal and other hard surfaces. They are increasingly being used by fishermen, soldiers, and scuba divers as safer alternatives to knives.
  • The wide, blunt tip of the shears is designed to slide across the skin, minimizing the risk of injuring the patient while cutting clothing.
  • First Aid Tools. Autoclavable, Drop Forged, Highly Tempered, Hand Crafted, Serrated non-slip edge with blunt tip, Extra Large Off-Set Plastic Handle.
  • Utility Bandage Scissors can be used to size and cut bandages, dressings, and medical gauze.

    Safely lift bandages away from the skin preventing accidental injury during bandage cutting and removal.
    Blades of the Utility Bandage Scissors are angled with a blunt tip on the bottom blade.

  • The bottom blunt tip of the Utility Bandage Scissors slides easily under bandages making bandage removal safe, easy and quick. One serrated end.
  • These bandage utility scissors are popular with medical professionals including nurses and EMT paramedics.