Light Brown Hair Color Perfect use for men and women

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Opportunity To Get Gorgious Looks With 100% Pure Natural Henna No Metallic Salts, No Hydrogen Peroxide, No Allergic Chemicals.

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Light Brown Hair Color used for men and women

(Light Brown Hair Color ) Henna Hair Color is providing its natural Henna hair powder and is the best solution to your hair dye problem. The henna is extracted from plant sources and free from any impurity and harmful chemicals. Moreover, it gives you natural hair color for a long time by nourishing your hair. In this way, it adds a shiny appearance to our hair.


Henna Powder Hair Dye is available in 30gm and has the following advantages.

The henna color goes deeply up to the roots, so that color does not fade away.
Deeply nourishes your hair to provide a shiny look.
Specially formulated to achieve lush black charcoal hair color naturally, the most demanding nice and attractive colors provide better results.
Stylish hair color for men and women.
This is a permanent hair dye that ensures light brown color which doesn’t damage the structure of the hair and improves hair elasticity and flexibility.
The henna’s light brown color is made with organic products natural and free of chemicals.
Natural-looking hair color which makes your hair smooth, silky, and strong.
Gives natural hair color for a long period


Shade: Light Brown color
Natural Organic Color
Extracted from plant source
No ALLERGIC Chemicals
Easy Application


Henna Hair Color powder’s basic application is that it is extremely easy to apply.

First, open the sachet and add it to a bowl with having non-metallic nature.
Pour lukewarm water into the bowl and stir it vigorously to make a creamy appearance.
Apply this creamy texture on hairs with the help of an applicator brush.
Leave it for 30 minutes & then wash it with lukewarm water.


  • Henna Powder Sachet
  • Applicator Brush
  • Pair of Gloves
  • Instruction Booklet


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