10-Piece Stainless Steel Paper Coating Color Eyebrow Tweezers Set

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Premium Hair & Beauty Tweezes Hair Removal Tweezer Set by Jimy, Travel Set, High Precision Tweezers for Men, Women & Kids, Stainless Steel (Pack of 1)

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Professional Stainless Steel Paper Coating Color Tweezers

  • This product is a flexible stainless steel refined, moderate elasticity, the use of very labor-saving, angled design, Lightweight, compact and convenient, can be put in the purse. Perfect for both professional use and personal use.

Jimy Professional Eyebrow Tweezers

  • Each one of us is so worried about the best tweezers and our physical appearance; we make it to a point to dependably watch great all around. Every last one of us is giving more significance to improving and mitigating the substance of both internal and external excellence that can in any case be help.
  • Set up your skin before culling by applying a warm towel to your eyelids. You may likewise eyebrow tweezers after a shower when skin is supple and delicate. Abstain from applying the cream before best tweezers for eyebrows. It will be difficult to control a smooth temple and you may wind up evacuating a bigger number of hairs than you planned as a result of amassing.
  • long tweezers in characteristic sunlight. It’s hard to cull stray hairs under manufactured light.
  • Try not to stand excessively near the mirror, or more awful, utilize an amplifying mirror. You lose a point of view and may best tweezers ever excessively.
  • Curved tweezers hair toward the path that they develop towards your ears. It’s likewise a smart thought to tightly hold the skin rights over the temples as trim tweezers, this will somewhat lessen the torment of culling.
  • Keep up the shape with eyelash tweezers by prepping your temples consistently.

Condition:           Jimy Brand
Material:             Stainless Steel
Color:                   Multi
Available Sizes:  7.5,8.5,9.5,9.3, cm